by Damon Motz-Storey, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

As the Spring unfolds and the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session draws
close to an end, an important piece of legislation is poised to make paying
the bills easier for low-income Oregonians. House Bill 2475, the Oregon
Energy Affordability Act, has passed the Oregon House of Representatives
and is expected to receive a vote in the Oregon Senate soon. If lawmakers
approve it, HB 2475 would allow the Oregon Public Utility Commission to
consider differential energy burden and the inequities of affordability in
setting energy rates. …

New cooperative fund offers nation’s most farmer-friendly renewable energy loan program.

LA FARGE, Wis- Advancing its commitment to regenerative farming
systems, Organic Valley is partnering with Clean Energy Credit Union (“Clean Energy CU”) to launch the Powering the Good Loan Fund to provide the best loan terms for farmers seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels with renewable energy and efficiencies. The program is first of its kind for both cooperatives, pioneering a unique clean energy loan fund for over 1,700 farmers across the country.

To accelerate energy improvements, Organic Valley and Clean Energy CU will roll out a $1 million fund with plans to expand. As the nation’s largest…

This guest blog post comes to us from Jamie Wertz, program associate at Generation180, a nonprofit with a Solar for All Schools campaign that leverages the role K-12 schools can play in accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Creekside Community High School, Tigard, Oregon. Read more about this school’s solar journey here.

As school districts struggle to adapt to a nationwide budget crisis brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, K-12 schools across the country are shoring up budgets with a switch to solar power, often with minimal to no upfront capital costs. Since 2014, K-12 schools saw a 139% increase in the amount of solar installed. By the end of 2019, 7,332 schools nationwide…

by Pramodh Jacob

At a time when solar is growing at such a fast rate, it is paramount to consider the human and environmental costs of solar panel production. Currently, the Xinjiang region in Western China produces a substantial amount of polysilicon, more than half of China’s total production capacity, according to HIS Markit Ltd.

Human rights watchdog groups and analysts have identified human rights abuses occurring specifically to the Uighur ethnic minority group who are mainly located in Xinjiang. The Uighurs, a largely Muslim minority, have faced persecution by the Chinese government including being forced out of their homes…

How did I get here?

I’m a tech guy, fascinated by innovation and disruptive thinking. Tech that seems like magic. Whether it was the new iPhone introduced back in 2007, or a sports car running on thousands of little lithium batteries in 2008.

My interest in solar began about five years ago in 2015. This time the attraction was in the potential to power our house, and fuel our EV with an endless transmission of wireless energy, seemingly pulled out of thin air, direct from the sun, right to our house. A very surreal concept. So I researched several options…

By Bob Patterson, Public Works Director

The City of Pendleton has been active with solar development since 2006. City staff was approached by Honeywell to take advantage of solar incentives and use one of our buildings for a pilot program. With City Council support, our Water Filtration Plant became home of our first city solar project, a roof mounted 100 kW DC static solar array. It was commissioned and completed in 2007 under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Honeywell. City pays them at a rate slightly less than the private utility, Pacific Power & Light, for the power produced…

Since 1996 I have owned a two-story mixed-use commercial building. This is my entire real estate “empire,” upon which I have worked extensively to retrofit my building toward net zero. I call her Overlook Corner and she was built in 1910.

Besides the solar, which I will describe in a couple of sentences, I replaced all of the residential windows with thermal insulated windows, added adjustable window shades throughout, and replaced all of the appliances with high Energy Star score ones.

We put on a new 40-year TPO cool roof over added roof insulation, installed 100% LED lighting and ceiling…

Solar Oregon Annual Meeting — keynote from Hunter Lovins

Solar Oregon’s Annual Meeting on December 1st was a look back at a challenging but successful year for our nonprofit, and for the clean energy movement. You can watch the recording — including a keynote address on the Solar Dominance Hypothesis from world-renowned sustainable development leader Hunter Lovins — here. Read on for the full story!

In February of this year, Solar Oregon was gearing up for a spring and summer packed full of solar tours, place-based Solarize campaigns, and clean energy workshops. More specifically, these were tours, campaigns, and workshops…

by Sara Holzknecht

The turbulent events of this year continue to drive home the need for rapid decarbonization. The West coast has again been ravaged by devastating fires, while the relentless Atlantic hurricane season has run out of names in the English alphabet and turned to the Greek alphabet as it continues. It’s long been clear we need a rapid build out of clean energy infrastructure, but now we must do it in the face of increasing threats from our changing climate. …

Creating a sustainably focused community in inner SE Portland, 34 residential units go fully net zero in 8 years

Kailash Ecovillage began as the run down Cabana apartment complex in inner SE Portland in 2007. Built in 1959 on 0.9 acres as a high end 32-unit apartment development, it had fallen into disrepair and one quarter of the units were unlivable. The original community spaces, including a party room and tropically themed bar, billiard hall, and swimming pool, had long been boarded up or closed down.

View of property in 2011 a few years before starting solar

My wife Maitri and I dreamed of taking our sustainable living journey, which until…

Solar Oregon

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