The Pollastrinis’ Solar + Electric Vehicle Story

I’ve been interested in protecting and restoring the environment for decades. For years I thought that, even with incentives, solar panels on our house were way beyond our low budget. Early in 2012, we received a post card from a local Sandy company, ‘Energy Unlimited’, advertising solar installation. It convinced me to give them a call. They explained the incentives that were available and on August 1 2012 we went online with a system that covered our power bill.

In the last few years. I’ve been following the progress of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). I thought that an all electric vehicle was way beyond our low budget, at least until they were plentiful and we could get a reasonably priced old used one a bunch of years down the road. I was surprised again. Suggestions from our friends Gary and Susan of ‘Green Living Journal’ got me reading ‘Forth’s’ newsletter where I learned about the ‘Charge Ahead’ incentive for used BEVs. Gary and Susan also told me about ‘Platt Auto’, the used electric car dealer, where in March of 2019, we bought a 2015 Leaf, which we love of course but brought our power bill up from zero. Now we are planning to expand our roof solar system to bring our power bill back to zero.



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